Third General Discussion Meeting

Understanding and controlling far-from-equilibrium systems is recognized as a 21st Century “Grand Challenge” area by bodies such as the EPSRC. The “Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium” network was established by the EPSRC to draw together the UK’s research activity and develop a plan for future research in this area. The network has held many successful focus meetings, highlighting the breadth and excitement of the field. The aim of the third, and final, general discussion meeting is to hear keynote talks from leading scientists, to discuss the form of the roadmap that will be presented to EPSRC, and to consider ways to continue the network.

Keynote Speakers

  • Rosalind Allen (Edinburgh)
  • Gregory Bewley (MPI, Gottingen)
  • Sergio Ciliberto (ENS, Lyon)
  • Paul Dommersnes (NTNU, Trondheim)
  • Zoran Hadzibabic (Cambridge)
  • Alain Pumir (ENS, Lyon)
  • Xavier Trepat (IBEC, Barcelona)
  • Achilleas Lazarides (MPI, Dresden)

More information and Registration

For additional information please visit the meeting’s information page.